Reflecting the different values of life

It is true that road is gradually coming out of. Little do they know, step by step, and hidden mystery and wisdom.

Only who is good at walking with the wise will only be vigorous Walker, walk flies. Otherwise, map, step-by, is bound to if the snails to crawl and little income.

A different stage of life, affect the life of different content.

A different life, reflecting the different values of life.

Different values of life, reveal different levels of life.

This time behave on how to act in order to have a real understanding

How many people are required, how much hesitation and fear of hunger, and how much people eat three square meals a day, how many people retain today and would rather give up tomorrow, in their view, this is the most real things, visible tangible. Especially with larger interests of the people today. More difficult to give up greater development for tomorrow today.

Gold, after developed from a gold mine, also require purification. In order to become a true gold.

Also, only experienced social storm of baptism, to try out for the first time. This time, behave on how to act in order to have a real understanding. Books and community, are two different environments. Require different intelligence.

Knowledge and wisdom, is an active, mobile. Very personal and different, from matter to another. Sometimes the books to school and even contradicts the principle of life. So, let people are often in "yizizhimao gongzizhidun" the embarrassed state.

Life on the way, I do not know how many difficulties and obstacles encountered. If you retreat as a result. Well, life's journey at the sea life RS Gold fade away. When come to Hill cut a road, water bridge, foot of the road will be constantly extended.

At the time the long process of wandering in the days

If you can keep those, time in a hurry, you can keep coming and going back, when I first looked, and can also light up not Tera Gold far from the time and mood, it is very happy. I know that as time goes by, the four seasons again, dominated by youbude own, perhaps I can grasp only hold in the Palm of each every moment, all complex images, simple up, in my opinion, even you can clearly see the future and the end.

At the time the long process of wandering, wandering in the days of cold and warm. When I write this sentence, it is not clear why he wanted to follow the wind wander from place to place, in fact, the wind, not take me away, not even brambling passing by give me a satisfactory answer, it's that inexplicable fall during a stormy stories. In fact, I just want to let my soul be set free, not past. As for the fear of time is not so important. When the exiles when the white-haired, I will accept all in the eyes of the Enron, including life eventually reduced to a pile of bleached.

Time went by quietly, slowly, I still can't stay vanished. When I stand in front of the window, the soul, from my eyes started from a tall building to another building until the boundless darkness swallowed by slowly.

Traces of riding the wind

Dandelion pistil

In my heart fulled in


Dream on the way

Wind slowly to the

Kindly admits

Fly with me

Walking in the air

Waving seeds

Traces of riding the wind

Light Yingying

Ten years of life and death of two vast not think

Misty world landscapes, alone I might pleione boats, attempting to salvage a pale pinkish purple love, ink dip night blue crush into Lotus, two lines of pouring fragrance duanhun tears of the Qing dynasty. Other shore lights Gao Yan World Of Warcraft Gold, I wonder if it can know, right now I just want it gentle to not use too much force to dust off my cold shuangbin, soft, my frail as a poem of poignant soul!

Ten years of life and death of two vast, not think, since unforgettable. Miles lonely grave,, there is no sad. Even if the meeting should not, dust was all, sideburns like frost .... East slope there is his wife with the thought, and emotion wind more than but I be Blowin ' in mind, and wandering alone when tasting his own weakness, that person may have forgotten to swing her Fang-Li had a I came.

South dongxiao read, the heartbroken end is the end. At that moment, oriole sound pleasing, Kam years such as flowers, in case your teen if water tenderness; that year, Qing Yi intoxicating, xianbu Yan language, there was my happiness dependent figure.

in Misty Rain, if I walk alone, in red dust anwo a century and has no regrets, but with you in mind, this suffice.

From my memories along the way shower tang sadness,

Clouds light hidden Moon in the water, light ink notes book old days. Half window lonely shadow, maiming, like takes pride in the snow of a branch of plum WOW Gold, quietly blooming. Dim Chu Bank, such as water Yuet Wah pure mystery from the cold night.

From my memories along the way, shower Tang sadness, propagation and song's bleak and Dim, flute light Yin through the heartbroken customer feelings of melancholy.

Residual haunt ink year sentence breaks, slightly cold hearts light show with MO Xiang curl upwards I put traces of cream. Bar chimera coagulation melancholy man, shadow honour, many clouds. Soul to create, a gourd ladle tianchi water don't know heart can wash my Lotus?

Light Qiu Sheng han, in former days [times] full of affection Jinghua, today alone falls yellow; late light reflecting film, of long sleeve thinly covered with Acacia and midnight. A-level years, tears to forget, drunk with tolerance month residual. Remember months when you again my vows, dependent heart, always remember; now, you and I could be the end of the two: home, audio n no, both different ways.

Look back at people from two phase, night Moon with no sleep. In the pale moonlight Plaza light to pick up a memory of MOSS, the ups and downs in the season back in the flow of cold glow of the hazy moon shadow, hidden my Acacia leaves dance.

That year love language immortality, shadow asking ourselves at the moment, was abandoned together seemingly unrelated, still attached to falls best downtown?

Brushed young sternum hopelessly collapse

Smiles flowing deep in a grim

Is the I am not going to change the frame expression

Emotions of sorrow, loss quest

Brushed, young sternum hopelessly collapse

Talk to me

I went to bed very early

Room noisy

What I say

Repose in the lost voices of pain

But today is the tenth day and I didn't have to wait

Evening, night, all of the noise has gone to sleep, but I'm still awake, I'm still waiting, waiting for your blessings. You know, how much I care for you that four words, please? Because I want to know exactly what you care about me, ever put me in your heart, and proof of this is WOW Gold very good chance. Time has come to 23:30, my numerous open mobile phone to see if any new messages, do you have a missed call, however, nothing, only a few figures in there, like Elves urged me to go to bed at midnight. But I can not be reconciled, because there is still time, I didn't give up, I do not want to believe that you don't care about me.

I hope after this until the 23:45, your head lights, I made the last four words of joy: Oh, I'm waiting! You very surprised, and asked me: what? I fell down the bottom, and I said, wait for you. You made a facial expression, and said: why would I? Originally I was going to tell you, I'm waiting for your blessings, but your casual attitude makes me intolerable, so long, but you seemed to have no awareness, I get angry and beat four words: waiting for you to break up. I also said we will not be contacted again. Actually, you know? These four words I was knocked out of the heavily, I just want you to comfort me, apologized to me and I can forgive you.

But today is the tenth day, and I didn't have to wait until your Word, broke broke? Am I so I was in your heart? Is close to the door I cried and told you it was my fault, I shouldn't be capricious. If you are a person who deserves my giving up the whole world, then I am willing to do so, I could give up my idea of dignity, face crying out to you, but you're not already. Even in the last ten days, I haven't given up, I will put the phone on the pillow, I'm afraid your call, sometimes dreaming is waking, but each time the eyes see only clocking a moving target, indicating that the passage of time. But ten days does not mean that all his life.

Ten days! I feel tired, I want to give up, give you up gave up into my first love.

Count the days should be the tenth day Cheap Gold for WOW. Ten days, did a short? Why I've felt for a long time.

Ten days ago, I was 20 years old birthday. For a woman who is in the mood for, which is an important Festival. Sitting on the lively celebration, listened to the wishes of friends sounds, I am very happy to know that in the not far away in the days of your company, they share this joy with me.

However, we raise a glass at that moment, I heard someone was on the next table a couple said: we wish you a long life together. Suddenly my hand flutter a bit, looked in that direction, I see that couples face Ocean full of happiness, I didn't know I was the envy is the envy.

And my heart is cold, and in this busy street scene, I ignored all miss you. Do you know? My birthday today, ointment is only missing the blessings. I thought you are sure to remember, so I didn't wanted to remind you, but you really have forgotten about. I thought you would be the first one who blessed me, however, is not. I turned on the phone, receive early this morning when the first message, I look forward to you, but no, you're not the first. When I got on a Q, and receiving messages which are not flashing of your avatar. I'm a bit frightened, but I also look forward to, because today is not over yet, there is still time. Could you be a surprise to me, I thought you said, you owe me a surprise, but that was long ago said. Only I remember for a long time, and you forgot it. I constantly say to yourself, you're in a rush, you work under pressure, may be absent and, certainly not you remember.

I still be able to take up your fragrance

Self-righteous, take with you on the journey is your best destination.

Until the flowers Montreal, from each other.

Broken heart adds to the wound.

Scattered over the plum blossom is!

I still be able to take up your fragrance.

How short life time,

Life from where talking about.

Just my loose peach, I would like to pick up again.

I hope rush years,

MO old rhetoric

At one time there was hesitation forward direction could not be found

Cherish the memory of former numu.CN, who's that pair is covered with a warm hand, always drove snow and ice in the cold night. Who's the intimate discourse, always sent when the sad was shining. Who was I disappointed when quietly encouraged. I thought, that dusty old heart, who is no longer open Cheapest WOW Gold, but you like a flower, lingering in the hearts, blooming, gradually precipitating.

At one time, there was hesitation, forward direction could not be found. At one time, in others only had a confused, lack of confusion of a pair of wings. At one time, had no choice or listen to the spine, anterior less light in the heart of the Sun.

However, the who, I cried when smile? Who, when I fell I raised? Who, when they are I am going to send me a shoulder? The storm, who he is, can I put up an umbrella? Night, who lit a lamp for me? With a moving heart, I find that after the storm, always has a beautiful Rainbow, in the night, always has a star blinking.

A person's life, as if the month, full moon lacks. Like flowers, having a TSE. Like the four seasons, prosperous spring the Kam family, also have bleak of winter depression. All you have, it is inevitable there will be wind and frost and snow, sometimes passively suffer hardship, sometimes proactively into no way out situation, no matter how you want to struggle to go on, so they deserve, and had no regrets.

However today I has became one is about to stepped into social of junior students

Three years of long and short, I remember when I first entered College feel University life will be very, very long, but the blink time is as fast as Aug Re passed me, that I too late to take advantage of. However today I has became one is about to stepped into social of junior students, three years in the total has so more of warm and moved worth memories, life in the friends to has I infinite of care and joy, has they of accompanied makes I forget has journey of tired, forget has down of sorrow, forget has time of goes by, mind in the echoed of are is those happy of melody, wonderful to put it mildly and and long. Drunk and happy feeling arises spontaneously, flock to the heart. Happiness is not in the end, is at hand.

In a book in the University, I surf in the ocean of knowledge, revel in sweet smell of books, where I found the Habitat of the soul, my mind has become enriched as a result the vast. Accumulation of knowledge so I slowly Cheap WOW Gold towards stable mature, then takes off the innocent sentimental heart coat. Rational I could read the ancient longing, also see my future of hope and glory, I believe that in these three years of college life in your life I have become in the strong, learning on the elite. Am I happy in their own growth and harvest, happiness in everything that I have. Happiness is not in the end, and happiness after the harvest.

Love is not the Meteor rolls over

But you love to show it

Think your love me alone in darkness to understand

In the dark I

Only wandering alone

Every time gets drunk and sprinkle

Mind only your shadow

But it was foggy

My dare open my eyes

Fear even what little profile is dissipated

I understand that I cannot close to you

Because I was afraid not to show you are to love


Tomorrow I will take photos and have a good lock

Do not make it into my mind again

I want to forget you exist

Forget the tears

Forget that night

Forget that photo

As tears do not taste sweet

Being soaked with tears of love

Maybe it's not good wine

Love will turn bad

Love also has a shelf life

Miss the shelf life of love


Love is not the Meteor rolls over

Give me a beauty

Lotus and wash delicate, indifferent and elegant. In her expectation of quiet and serene in which her fragrant odor of Madame de Sevigne the unique World Of Warcraft Gold; the poise and exquisite smile rhyme flow analysis of releasing her beauty of soul in; in mitigation and clearness of lingering gaze cast her in in his mind. However, without affectation, without being pretentious, it was really her genuine origin.

Lotus aim high and firm, Grand and dignified. In the alone in the lonely, she seriously mind conditioning; a bright moon near empty, starry nights sleeping in the mantle of winding; at dawn, with early awake coast grass, follow light cloud of agile to pick. She knowing "for who scattered for who yin", refused to "race spring pander to", for avoidance dust dirty of tarnished forever live in water; she with refined extraordinary of beautiful show with world most sacred of pursuing pure beauty; she light far freshness and fragrance of odd fragrant forever in water fronts filled; she watch with miles Qing wave, guardian with that tablets Holy of waters, guardian with that tablets noble of blue sky, regardless of what are shake can't she of eternal of belief.

Lotus mind wide open, is open-minded and optimistic; and open-minded. Crayon painting of activating God hands, sing all human emotions of poets, musicians and writers have praised her, but she doesn't do not tip, not frivolous waste, on a string of paper, and poetry in the picture, she never forgot the prudent. I wrote many poems, because I cannot be inverted I Revere, Jet sent her the respect and praise of envy. I clearly remember, every time when I have written poems read to her, charging her an understanding smile, modest gaze and declined. That each are embedded in my heart forever.

Lotus Foundation solid Pudent and deep. She did not develop and show off, did not flatter and flatter or hubris and arrogance. Comb-rain bath in her career, she was cast to hold aloof from worldly things sit, in good faith keep, goodness and persistent, moulding of depth without。 purity. She always put in mind, in the eyes of the heart, she used the Whitney really show to see everything in the world.

In the water in long Lotus and always remembering her dream

Lotus dream love dream, understand, particularly cherished dream. She finds life without dreams, will lose its brilliant; only dream to make romantic life.

In the water in long, Lotus and always remembering her dream of the dream of spring, summer, autumn's dream. Dreams of those gathered and scattered, life and death, love and hate wuche her the true meaning of life. To her that life is a process, a process of very short, so she especially treasure Golden time, exceptional value such as song of the years and especially cherish the fantasy. She had her dream of that pile pile carefully cut, pile pile to pile up, packed upright, break off straight, put them in the shade of a tree, send in the breeze, hang on the stars and covered in green, sprinkled by the Brook side. She always seemed to some people down to suppress her dreams, suffering his own Sundial dream, for their endless hate regrets, how sad it is poor? She knows I have too many dreams and sometimes confused, so she advised more than once, not to kill them. She gives me good guard, treasure them up, we must receive the warmth and comfort. She said: have you not come? But the dream, before we had similar heart non-tied together. She said that this is what dreams are fine [beautiful] jade yo.

Lotus stuffed with dreams. Her delicate rolls with mountains and rivers, jade through the gathering and scattering into their core, Guanghua rolling with Sun and moon, heaven and Earth Zhong Ling cooking chain, so she made dream the sweetest, most true and most alcohol.

Lotus will be weaving the dream. Her spirit of all things twisted into the wire, spun into thread sorrows and then carefully put them up, horizontal shaft, Kam, as weft woven into a wrong picture of dreams WOW Gold. The dream the most amazing, most attractive and the most magnificent. Although, reshape not faded, not old, not lost.


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